Sad Trombone: Those Elderly Nursing Home Escapees Were Not Actually at the Wacken Festival


This past weekend’s biggest story — save for the brouhaha between MS Mansion Monkeys Daisy and Albert — involved two elderly men escaping from their nursing home in Germany to attend the Wacken Open Air festival. The story was both badass and heartwarming: all those fellas wanted to do was break free from the shackles of their sad, confined existence to rock the fuck out!

As it turns out, the two men did escape the facility in which they lived… but it isn’t exactly a nursing home, and they went to party in the town of Wacken, not the festival of the same name. Furthermore, at just 58 and 59 years old, they’re not even elderly; Itzehoe police spokesman Peter Berndt told the Associated Press that the two men were in a home for people with mental health issues. The report goes on:

“Festival-goers called police after finding the two “helpless, disoriented and intoxicated” waiting for a bus home at a main street stop after the buses had stopped running at 3 a.m. Saturday.

“Police brought them to a first-aid station and then later in the morning sent them home in a taxi arranged by the care home about 30 kilometers (20 miles away).”

The story just went from feel-good to sad… so all I can really say is that I hope those two fellas at least had a fun night out on the town, and I’m glad they were eventually brought back to safety.

Meanwhile, as of Monday — the day after this year’s Wacken festival — 50,000 tickets out of 75,000 for the 2019 incarnation had already been sold. Meshuggah and more have been announced to play, so you better get your tickets now if you plan on going.

[via Loudwire]

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