Bosse-de-Nage Go In the Cut on “My Shroud”


Hey, you guys… I’M BACK, didja miss me? Sorry you all had to put up with the solo Axl show for the past couple of days, but you got the solo Vince show last week as a counterbalance, so hopefully it all evens out. I see you let him have it in the comments per usual! As for me, I was camping somewhere in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and I didn’t listen to a single note of metal for almost an entire week. It was glorious!

If I had listened to metal, Boss-de-Nage would’ve been an appropriate choice; their energetic, proggy take on atmospheric black metal would’ve been a perfect match for the tall, sprawling pines, the seemingly endless peaks and the arid mountain air (fuck, my skin is so dry!). The band’s new song “My Shroud” follows debut single “Crux” — from their forthcoming new album Further Still — as a ferocious, complex blast of American black metal that reminds us why we liked this band so much in the first place. Those fans concerned about the copy in the band’s PR stating that this time around they’d ditch their “typically sprawling arrangements in favor of airtight, propulsive song structures” can rest easy; at nearly six-and-a-half-minutes, “My Shroad” has plenty of peaks, valleys and everything in between.

Further Still will be released via The Flenser on September 14. Preorders are available here.

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