Chuggernaut Ask: What Would You Duplicate if You Had a Matter Replicator?


What would happen if you stumbled on a Star Trek-style replicator that could make a duplicate of anything on the spot?

If you’re like most musicians you’d use it to produce unlimited beer and musical equipment, which is exactly what the beer-slinging, metal-swinging dudes in Chuggernaut do when they stumble upon a science experiment next door to their practice space in their new video for the track “Stranglehold,” which premiered at Metal Injection. Kudos to all involved with this video; I’m laughing! And because cool videos can so often be great entry points to a new band I’m now digging the crap out of Chuggernaut, whose infectious blend of southern swagger, stoner rock and alt-metal is now firmly lodged inside my brain.

Chuggernaut will release Kodiak on August 24. Pre-order physical copies here and digital copies here.

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