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Track Premiere: The Good the Bad and the Zugly, “NAV or Never”


Track Premiere: The Good the Bad and the Zugly, “NAV or Never”New Kvelertak vocalist Ivar Nikolaisen isn’t just some dude the band found in the gutters of Oslo. Well… actually, by his former (and still active other) band’s own admission, maybe he is! Explains the band, The Good the Bad and the Zugly:

“Lead singer Ivar just got full-time employment as the new lead singer of Kvelertak. Nevertheless, GBZ lives! Sadly, the rest of the band is still getting by on a bare minimum as part-time session-punks in the grim undercurrents of the Oslo slum, largely populated by unemployed has-beens and poor romantics. Inspired by Ivar’s second coming, the four remaining members have chosen to put their occupational under-achievements aside and to get in line at the unemployment office – its NAV or never!”

Take a listen to “NAV or Never” and you’ll immediately understand why Kvelertak chose Ivar to replace Erlend Hjelvik. The Good the Bad and the Zugly play aggressive, noisy, old-school punk, which is of course one-half of Kvelertak’s trademark sound. The track follows up their January 2018 album Misanthropical House and is taken from an upcoming 12″ split with HeWhoCannotBeNamed (of Dwarves). Take a listen below, and make sure you have your moshing pants on.

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