Attila’s Chris Fronzak Punches Security Guard in the Head at Show


Sometimes it takes a common villain to unite even the staunchest of enemies. So while I’d love to have Attila frontman Chris Fronzak’s back here, despite all the not-nice things we’ve said about Attila’s music over the years (and we still think it sucks)… man, I’m just not sure this was the right way to go about his gripe with an allegedly violent security staff at last night’s show in Las Vegas (August 22nd).

Fronz took issue with how security guards up front at the band’s show were treating the fans, claiming he saw a fan being choked. Taking issues into his own hands, he became visibly irritated, and in the video clip below, captured by a fan and posted to Instagram, he can be seen punching a security guard from behind in the back of the head, throwing a mic stand towards two guards and going on a rant against the venue and its staff.

Look: I don’t know exactly what security did to attract Fronz’s ire, and there isn’t footage of it (at least not yet), but I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt and say he had good reason to be angry with their behavior. Still, more violence is never the answer to violence. I’ve been at countless shows where bands have stopped their shows to tell security to back the fuck off, and that could’ve avoided a whole lot of trouble here. Especially considering that Fronz tweeted after the show that the local police were searching for him.

So, in short: fuck violent security guards, whose job it is to PROTECT fans, not hurt them. But assault does nothing to solve that problem while also leaving your fans short-changed (the rest of the show was canceled).

Watch the footage below, and have a look at Fronz’s post-show tweets. Thanks to MS contributor Brian Storm for sending this in.

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