Atreyu Release Two New Songs, Announce New Album In Our Wake


Atreyu haters be damned, The Curse and A Death-Grip on Yesterday were damn good albums. While Atreyu would subsequently morph into something else and become posterboys for All That Went Wrong With Metalcore, their important role in the scene’s early development is tough to deny.

So, after a tease earlier this week, Atreyu have followed through with a new album announcement and not one but two songs from it. And… I can’t say I’m that into either. The first, “In Our Wake,” is the lead single and gets the fancy video treatment. It uses that same four-chord progression that every Green Day and Offspring song in the ’90s did, has plenty of auto-tuned vocals and… yeah, just not feeling this. The other song, “Anger Left Behind,” I like a bit more; it’s got a really chunky, heavy intro riff and some cool guitar work elsewhere, but AGAIN there’s that same four-chord progression (just in a different order) in the chorus! It’s a pop song with metal instrumentation. I guess that’s where Atreyu are these days.

Listen to both songs below; perhaps you’ll feel differently than I do. In Our Wake comes out October 12th through Search & Destroy/Spinefarm.

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