Shit That Comes Out Today: August 24, 2018


Three days, folks. Three days until I am finally free from the confines of my cubicle. I’ve effectively rationed my food and water to keep me alive until my salvation. The end is near and I shan’t give up, for freedom draws ever closer. But other than that, I have two things that I want to make sure you all saw. If you remember my death growl tutorial with The Black Dahlia Murder’s Trevor Strnad from last year, we made a sequel for high screams. And if you somehow haven’t heard me raving about Shadow of Intent, you can check out vocalist Ben Duerr teaching me how to do gutturals. Warning: I suck hard at high screams and Ben Duerr’s throat isn’t human. Come for the laughs, come to learn, but most of all, come watch my videos and over-inflate my sense of self-worth.

Alice in Chains
Rainier Fog (AIC Entertainment/BMG)
On a playlist with: Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Nirvana
Listen: “So Far Under”

I know I’m going to catch shit for this, but I was never really a huge Alice In Chains fan. Not because there’s anything wrong with them, but rather they just aren’t my style. Honestly, almost all Alice In Chains songs sound the same to me, but that’s more in the “our sound is instantly recognizable” kind of way as opposed to the “we’re Disturbed and we just re-wrote Ten Thousand Fists for the 10th time” way. Regardless, Axl really likes this album and I believe Vince is a pretty big fan of Alice In Chains as well so I’m probably in the minority here when I say this doesn’t catch much interest from me. But again, I’m not the target audience for AIC. Listen to Axl and Vince. Not me.

The Amity Affliction
Misery (Roadrunner Records)
On a playlist with Bring Me The Horizon, Parkwat Drive and A Day to Remember
Listen: “Feels Like I’m Dying”

Full disclosure, there is an AA song that I really like, it’s this one. That being said, what the hell happened here? I wouldn’t call myself a particularly avid listener of this band, but it seems like they went from metalcore straight to synth rock. They’ve thrown out practically all of the metal parts of their music from what I listened to and shit, it even makes Bring Me The Horizon’s new song seem heavy. So I don’t know. Just like with every other metalcore band, I’m sure lots of idiots with crappy taste in music will eat this stuff up, but The Amity Affliction were probably one of the only decent metalcore bands out there so I expected a little bit more than whatever poppy radio metal crap this is. I’m disappointed in you, AA. Go to your room. You’re grounded.

Born to Murder the World
The Infinite Mirror of Millennial Narcissism (Extrinsic Recordings)
On a playlist with Anaal Nathrakh, Napalm Death and Brujeria
Listen: “Brutality Alchemist”

When I listened to Born to Murder the World, I immediately thought that they sound like the grind baby of Anaal Nathrakh and Napalm Death. And what do ya know, this project consists of Mick Kenney and Duncan Wilkins from Anaal Nathrakh, and Shane Embury from Napalm Death. Funny how that works. If you know those two bands, then there isn’t much else to say. “Brutality Alchemist” is a minute and a half of absolute musical chaos that still manages to make more sense than Limp Bizkit’s entire career. This record is 100% the best release of the week so if you’ve been feeling like metal hasn’t been crazy enough lately, then boy is this going to be the record for you.

Mob Rules
Beast Reborn (SPV/Steamhammer)
On a playlist with Powerwolf, Blind Guardian and Dragonforce with cinder blocks tied to their hands
Listen: “Ghost Of A Chance”

Imagine a world where Dragonforce could play songs at regular speed. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Got it pictured? Doesn’t matter because in that world, Dragonforce would be called Mob Rules. Mob Rules are admittedly a rather fun listen and the music video for “Ghost Of A Chance” is pretty fun to watch too. I don’t know much about them, but I truly feel like this is a band that belongs in top hats for the rest of their musical career because something needs to ensure that masked bands never make a comeback. Although Mob Rules certainly aren’t the heaviest thing in the world, they’re probably the most fun band releasing something this week so if you like power metal or anything that’s a little bit cheesy, then this is for you.

Dance On The Blacktop (Relapse)
On a playlist with Blue Oyster Cult, Ghost and Whirr
Listen: “Zero Day”

It’s been raining and gloomy for roughly the past week here in Kansas City and let me tell you, Nothing are the best rainy weather band I’ve heard in quite sometime. With an atmospheric touch that all but ensures the sun will never shine again, Dance On The Blacktop will do away with all that overrated positivity and flush it straight down the toilet. In all seriousness though, I’ve enjoyed the singles I’ve heard, like “Zero Day”. Although Nothing are more of a rock band, the bleak, dreamy nature of the music will make plenty of you guys feel right at home, especially if you enjoyed Between the Buried and Me’s Coma Ecliptic. Although “Zero Day” is easily the standout single being as melancholy as it is, the other two are still good and you can bet your ass that I’ll be listening to the rest of this album.

Abandoned By Bears Headstorm (Victory) listen
Actor Observer Pareidolia (No Sleep Records) listen
Billy Morris and The Sunset Strip Holdin’ All The Aces (HighVol) listen
Capital Enemy Knowledge Of The Wicked (10-54 Records) listen
Crack The Sky Crackology (Loud & Proud) listen
Crack The Sky Living In Reverse (Loud & Proud) listen
Gnaw Their Tongues/Crowhurst Burning To Infinitum (Crown And Throne Ltd) listen
Leeched You Took The Sun When You Left (Prosthetic) listen
Manes Slow Motion Death Sequence (Debemur Morti) listen
Mantar The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze (Nuclear Blast) listen
Netherlands Black Gaia (Records And Tapes Records) listen
Nonpoint X (Spinefarm) listen
Sleep Leagues Beneath (Third Man Records) listen
Stern Missive: Sister Ships (Sleeping Giant Glossolalia) listen

The Fever 333 Made An America (Vinyl) (Roadrunner) listen
Soulfly Prophecy (Vinyl) (Music On Vinyl) listen

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