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Video Premiere: German Industrialists Schramm Go Full-On Mad Max in “Schreie”


If you’re a fan of Rammstein and/or the film Mad Max, boy oh boy do we have a treat for you today!

German industrial act Schramm combine metal, dance, goth and rock into a package that should feel wholly comforting to those of you who came of age during the ’90s industrial boom and, we hope, refreshingly fun to anyone who wasn’t old enough to witness that special and bizarre era first-hand. All the touchstones are here: meaty, simple guitar riffs, danceable beats, techno-infused synths and tons and tons of bondage-themed stage garb (all black, naturally). As for the video, it was filmed in northern Germany on the desert-like terrain of an abandoned nuclear power plant, and it more than accomplishes its stated goal of paying homage to Mad Max but with an even more campy sheen. “We wanted to make a visual homage to Mad Max, and we fulfilled that wish with the support of Grenzwert Images from Berlin,” says the band. Got that right!

Schramm’s sophomore album Nuklear Fetisch comes out on Sept 28th via Cleopatra Records; pre-order here.

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