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Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy Gives Second Sloppy, Drunk Performance in Two Weeks


Ratt frontman Stephen Pearcy is not in good shape, and it might be time to start worrying.

First, Pearcy gave an embarrassingly bad performance in Long Island on September 26th, struggling to hold himself upright, sitting on the drum riser, slurring through his lines and forgetting words. He later issued an apology, blaming a combination of alcohol and pain meds for a bad knee (he says he has replacement surgery lined up for January), and adding that “there is no excuse for my behavior.”

Unfortunately for those attending the band’s show in St. Charles, IL on Friday (October 5th), it happened again. In fan-filmed video footage of the performance (below) it’s abundantly clear that Pearcy is hammered, again slurring his words, forgetting lines and sounding awful on the lines he manages to deliver while stumbling around the stage aimlessly. In the opening for “You Think You’re Tough” he mutters something unintelligible before referencing his “bad knee” and staggering about the stage throughout the song while missing a number of lines.

At this point I think it’s time for those close to Pearcy — his bandmates, management, friends and family — to get involved. Ratt have done plenty of touring over the past decade, and while this band has NEVER been short on controversy Pearcy seemed to be holding it together. Perhaps the legal battles over the rights to the band’s name are weighing on him, perhaps Warren DeMartini provided a stabilizing presence that’s now absent, perhaps he’s got a pain killer addiction thanks to that bad knee, perhaps something else entirely. Whatever the cause, this much is clear: Stephen Pearcy is not right.

On behalf of Ratt fans and concerned folks everywhere, we hope Pearcy gets the help he needs soon.

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