Stephen Pearcy’s New Song is Called “I’m a Ratt” (Seriously)

  • Axl Rosenberg

Stephen Pearcy is fronting whatever passes for Ratt these days. So I’m EXTREMELY confused as to why he has released a solo track called “I’m a Ratt.” There are no circumstances under which that title wouldn’t be too cheesy for Domino’s, but it might at least kinda make sense as a branding decision if Pearcy was out of Ratt for the umpteenth time. Instead it’s like, “Hey, I could make a new Ratt album, but instead I’m just going to make a solo album and remind you I’m also in Ratt.” I just don’t get the logic behind it.

Oh well. At least the song isn’t good.

Just as silly: Pearcy’s new album is called View to a Thrill, a play on one of the worst James Bond movies. There are SO MANY better Bond titles he could have parodied, especially if Ratt puns are on the table. Dr. Gnaw. From Ratthole with Love. ThunderattThe Ratt Who Loved Me. MoonratterRattpussyCasino Ratt-ale. The possibilities are endless. Does this thing at least include a goddamn Duran Duran cover?

View to a Thrill drops November 9 on Frontiers. Pre-order it here.

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