Worst Video Ever of the Day: Catholic High School Footballers Make Nü Metal Music Video


Nearing the top of my list of things I wish didn’t exist is the early 2000s — honestly, can any of us name one good thing that arose from those cringeworthy years?

Didn’t think so. Between those awful velour tracksuits, the tragic rise and fall of Avril Lavigne, and a bunch of other bullshit that nobody cares about, perhaps the most painfully authentic relic of this forgotten era is a recently uncovered video of a Catholic high school football team lip syncing to their very own Christian nü-metal.

That’s it. That’s enough internet for today. Forget it ever happened. How do I delete somebody else’s post?

I wonder what these guys could be up to today. Legend has it that they still reside in Sammamish, WA, fondly reminiscing about their primo high school years and living vicariously through their children. If anyone reading this has some sort of connection to any of the people in the video, send ’em this way so I can conduct a personal interview. It’s God’s work, I promise.


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