Enlarge Photo Credit: Steve Browne

10 Random Thoughts While Watching TesseracT’s New Video for “Juno”


1. Man, these guys have great fucking hair. Acle, James and Amos do, anyway — that’s 3/5ths of the band, not a bad ratio. And it looks really, really good in this lighting with slo-mo!

2. The coloring and CG effects are extremely pretty. And soothing!

3. Someone spent a good chunk of change making this video. It’s vv nice-looking.

4. “Juno” is probably one of my favorite tracks on Sonder.

5. Oh fuck, shit just got real! Everything’s on fire! FIRE!

6. Drummer Jay Postones is, like, super talented and stuff

7. I would really like to know more about Amos William’s foot care routine

8. James Monteith is one tall drink of water

9. So much hair! So manly and good.

10. ‘Twould be a pleasure to see these guys live again. Please come back to the states soon, mmkay?

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