Enlarge Photo Credit: Anthony Dubois

Stream Beyond Creation’s New Album Algorythm in Full


Beyond Creation have ascended to the throne of reigning kings in the death-metal-bands-that-play-fast-shreddy-really-proggy-stuff scene. Sure, people are always gonna point to Obscura, and to be clear that band’s body of work is incredible, but it’s lost some of its luster for me in recent years for whatever reason. Simply put, I think Beyond Creation are doing it better right now. One man’s opinion, feel free to disagree!

Metal Injection has the stream of the band’s new album Algorythm a day before its release, so hit play below to hear what I’m talking about. Put another way, I feel as if Beyond Creation have finally out-Obscura’ed Obscura. Not that it’s a competition! Infinite love for both bands. I’m just feeling Algorythm more than I was feeling Diluvium, Obscura’s latest. I think it just comes down to song construction, as so often is the case. Great songs trump all.

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