“The Best Ones Lie”: Marginally Less Irritating Than Most Disturbed Songs


I admit, I’m in an uncharacteristically good mood this morning (don’t get too excited, I’m sure it will pass momentarily), so take this with a grain of salt: “The Best Ones Lie” is the best Disturbed song I can ever remember having heard. Granted, that bar is so low as to render a game of limbo impossible. But still. The music has some good grooves. The hook is strong. And for all of his many, many, many, many, many, many, many, MANY faults, David Draiman’s lyrics convey a message to which, I suspect, many of us can relate right now:

Goddamn, maybe I am a little terrified
You know I really don’t know what to believe
We watch the world die while they keep telling us there’s nothing to fear
So now it’s crippling me

Fuck, even the guitar solo isn’t awful. I mean, it’s not great, but it’s something!

Listen to “The Best Ones Lie” below. Disturbed’s new album, Evolution, is out a week from today.

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