Album Stream: Six of Swords, Regime Decay


In 2015, Six of Swords won a contest on MetalSucks to spend a day in the studio with acclaimed producer Will Putney as part of our ongoing partnership with Converse Rubber Tracks. The song they recorded, “Hell’s Messiah,” was a punishing slab of old-school death metal replete with riffs of all kinds, slow, fast, thrashy, groovy and everything in between.

Six of Swords return with their first new output since then, and three years of experience has done the Toronto five-piece well. The band has kept true to what we liked about them so much in the first place while expanding their sound in all directions. Regime Decay, their brand new album, finds the band honing in on the slower and groovier elements, channeling influence from classics like Morbid Angel and new-school up-and-comers like Gatecreeper, while still bringing it fast and furious when the moment calls for it. Regime Decay is an absolutely monstrous collection of death metal, and we’re positive you’re going to love it too.

Here’s vocalist Josh Gordon on the new record:

“Lyrically, Regime Decay has a focus on our rotting society and my pessimistic outlook on the future of humanity. We wanted to make this album really heavy and we musically took a lot of influence from the D & F Morbid Angel albums, and some influences from newer bands like Scorched, Genocide Pact, and Gatecreeper.”

Hear for yourself below. Regime Decay drops on October 19th and can be pre-ordered here.

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