Lose Yourself In Uada’s Hypnotic New Music Video


Portland’s Uada have been stirring up quite a storm in the USBM community with the quality content they’ve been delivering right from the get-go. Their stellar musicianship and professionalism continues to turn heads with their new music video, which features the title track from their latest album Cult of a Dying Sun.

The video is the directorial debut from frontman Jake Superchi, who appears on screen in characteristic black metal fashion. I gotta say, he fucking nailed it, especially as a first-time director. The wilderness in which the video is set looks absolutely stunning, and while I usually find “serious” band videos to be awkward and cringey, this one gave me no such impression. Focusing on the landscape, the ambiance, and the energy of the music, “Cult of a Dying Sun” gets right down to the essence of what makes Uada so incredible.

Other bands, take note — this is some top-notch shit. Before you all start fighting over whether Uada are really that great (they are) in the comments, at least make sure you watch the video below. Then you’ll be able to defend your well-rounded opinion to your heart’s content.

 Cult of a Dying Sun is out now via Eisenwald.

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