Synthwave Sunday

Synthwave Sunday: Master Boot Record, Virus.DOS


Synthwave Sunday: Master Boot Record, Virus.DOSIt seems like Master Boot Record releases a new record every month. For the three we’ve covered in this space for Synthwave Sunday over the past couple of years I feel as if there’s at least 17 I’ve missed. Ah, to be unencumbered by pesky band members and real instruments!

MBR’s tagline has always been “metal made with synths,” and his latest, Virus.DOS, certainly stays true to that promise. This shit goes heavy as fuuuuuuuck! There are blast beats, giant riffs, searing solos and everything else you’d expect in a metal song (minus vocals), except the sonic palette consists of synths taken right out of an ’80s slasher film soundtrack instead of, ya know, a metal band. If you’re a metalhead who’s been on the fence about synthwave because you can’t quite stomach electronic music, this is as great an entry point into the genre as any.

Virus.DOS is out now via Blood Music. Stream it below and order it here.

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