Enlarge "What was the catalyst that all of a sudden launched a hundred articles that people went crazy about it?"

David Draiman is Confused Why So Many People Care About His Chin Piercing Removal


When we’re not covering All Corey Taylor All The Time, we can’t resist an irresistibly clickable headline like the one regarding Disturbed frontman David Draiman’s decision to remove his trademark double chin piercings. So many clicks!!! Gimme dat traffic!!!

David Draiman, however, seems confused by the idea. To be fair to ol’ Davey boy, I get it: why do so many people care about the removal of his dumb piercings? I don’t know, David, but welcome to the internet in 2018! It’s a magical place.

Draiman spoke further about his decision to remove the labret piercings, as well as the online reaction to it, in a new interview with Hard Drive Online:

“It used to be that whenever I walked around with my old piercing that I was very rarely recognized—it wasn’t a common thing. I could be somewhat incognito. Doesn’t matter anymore. Because my face was so front and center in that video [“The Sound Of Silence“] and it’s been viewed so many times by so many people, now it’s like it doesn’t matter if I have ’em or not, people know.

“And to go to a question which I’m sure you’re going to ask in this interview anyway: Yeah, I felt it was time to do away with them. They’re cumbersome and just annoying and a pain. And it didn’t feel right at this age. I got all this nice salt and pepper going on over here.”

“What I thought was hysterical was is that when the Metal Hammer article came out earlier on in beginning of this whole story, it was pretty obvious I didn’t have ’em in, so why didn’t people lose their minds at that point? What was the catalyst that all of a sudden launched a hundred articles that people went crazy about it? I really don’t think that anybody’s going to buy or not buy a Disturbed album and/or ticket because I am or am not wearing my labret piercings.”

The catalyst, I guess, was that no one noticed he didn’t have the piercings in anymore in the video for “Are You Ready,” the first single from the album, until someone pointed it out several weeks later. Which begs the questions as to why so many people cared once they did notice… but yeah, I dunno. Anyway, “That’s clickable gold!” all of us greedy liberal, commie, media-controlling Jew bloggers exclaimed at once. And so it came to be the biggest story we’ve had in quite a while that wasn’t a death.

Metal blogging is a glamorous business, folks. We hope you’ve enjoyed this look into the vv complicated inner workings.

[via The PRP]

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