Gojira are in the Studio “Cooking Something Up”


Gojira have posted a photo on Facebook of drummer Mario Duplantier behind a vocal microphone with the caption “Cooking something up.” What could it mean??

Metal Injection speculates the band could be working on the long-lost Sea Shepherd EP, which is a titillating idea but one that I find unlikely (every time the band’s been asked about it in interviews in recent years they essentially shrug; I think the moment for that has passed). A new album is possible, too; the timing seems right. But I think it’s more likely something special, a one-off of sorts (the coy language “cooking something up” doesn’t imply a full album). Given the skull in the foreground of the photo, maybe it’s something Halloween related.

We shall see! Feel free to do some speculating of your own in the comments.

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