You’ll Never Believe What Corey Taylor Thinks Today, Click to Find Out!!! (October 26th, 2018)


In the dearth of Corey Taylor or Slipknot-related news over the past 24 hours we have, as usual, taken to making up our own for the sake of garnering as many clicks as possible. One must wonder what Corey Taylor thinks about everything, you know? Especially metal’s other most popular bands, especially Metallica.


Corey Taylor Thinks Chris Adler Asked Lars Ulrich for Advice on Working with Dave Mustaine


The upshot: Chris Adler asked Lars Ulrich for advice on handling Dave Mustaine before joining Megadeth.
Clickability rating: 5/10, people saw right through our blatant effort at mining clicks (DRATS).
What did Lars Ulrich think?: “Dave is an absolute pussycat,” amongst other things. You gotta read the whole quote, though, it’s entertaining.
What did Chris Adler think?: Well, he ended up joining the band, so…
What does Corey Taylor think? He’s been in a band with Clown for 20-plus years so he oughtta know a thing or two about dealing with eccentric personalities.


Corey Taylor Heard a Few Clips of New Periphery Music (So Can You!) and Here is What He Thinks


The upshot: Periphery released a studio video containing some brief clips of new music.
Clickability rating: 4/10, not much in the way of actual new music, and Corey Taylor clearly doesn’t give a shit about Periphery.
How’s the new Periphery stuff?: Sounds cool so far, but too early to tell. I hope they switch it up a bit this time.
What does Corey Taylor think?: Corey Taylor could not be reached for comment on this piece.
What do the guys in Periphery think? Like the rest of us, they’re probably dying to know what Corey Taylor thinks.


Metallica Slipknot Corey Taylor #One Live Performance 1988 #Sick #CoreyTaylor #Metallica #Slipknot


The upshot: Metallica released a live audio recording of “One” from 1988 to push their 30th anniversary re-release of … And Justice for All.
Clickability rating: TBD, this puppy just went live and hasn’t been shared on the MS Facebook page yet.
How’s the recording?: Dunno, didn’t listen to it, I’ve heard “One” enough times in my life.
What does Corey Taylor think?: He was kissing a dog and drinking coffee last we checked.
What does that dog think? Lucky to be touching Corey’s dreamy lips, duhhh!!!

That’s all for now. Tune in again next week, friends!

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