Watch: Lars Ulrich’s 90-Year-Old Dad Gives Jazz Performance


Lars Ulrich’s father Torben is probably best known for his infamous delivery of the sick burn “delete that” in the band’s 2004 documentary Some Kind of Monster. In a film full of quotables, that one still rings true all these years later.

Torben, of course, is also an accomplished musician himself and at the age of 90 is still an active performer, writer, choreographer and composer. Last Thursday (October 25th) Ulrich joined pianist Søren Kjærgaard and drummer Kresten Osgood for an impromptu performance of experimental jazz music at Jyderup Højskole in Denmark, and some footage of that show — which finds Ulrich on vocals — has made its way online. Check it out below. Ultimate Guitar tells us that Ulrich and Kjærgaard have released three albums together in the past decade.

This performance is actually pretty neat. It’s not the kind of thing I’d throw on at a dinner party, but I wager it would’ve been fun to be inside that room feeling the vibe. Not that Ulrich cares what I think, but I would certainly not tell him to delete that.

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