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There is a “What Does Corey Taylor Think?” Facebook Page Now


MetalSucks has been on a Corey Taylor tear lately because it’s the only thing that slowly stops the ache brings the clicks these days. It’s also been keeping me entertained for the first time in quite a while — writing about metal is fun again! Who’d’ve thunk it? Huzzah! After all, why did Axl and I start this website nearly 12 years ago if not for our own amusement? (other than the obvious Jewish global media conspiracy agenda we set out to propagate).

It seems some young whippersnappers elsewhere on the internet had the same thought, so they took to Facebook to create the What Does Corey Taylor Think About This? page, which is exactly what it sounds like: pontifications as to what metal’s studliest traffic-attractant might think on any particular issue. Fittingly, the news of this page’s existence came our way via Loudwire, who shamelessly rake in the Corey Taylor clicks on a regular basis just like we do. The page only has four posts since its September launch, but 679 people already like it… clearly the masses want to know what Corey Taylor thinks! Which we could’ve told you by looking at MetalSucks traffic reports; oh wait, we already told you that.

Join the page right here. Hopefully its admins will keep up with it and continue to give us the answers about what Corey Taylor thinks we so sorely need.

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