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Metal and beer have long thrived as the ultimate power couple — there’s even a whole festival that celebrates their symbiosis. Releasing beer sponsored by your band is obviously the cool thing to do these days. Everyone’s doing it.

However, what many of these bands have overlooked in their brewing endeavors is quantity. Why release just one beer under your name when you could release three instead? That’s three times the fun, and three times the opportunities to name the beers with terrible puns if one so desires.

Opeth have the right idea (though this ain’t their first rodeo).While they’ve sadly foregone the puns, Opeth are about to release a group of three (!!!) different beers in collaboration with Swedish Heavy MetAle, brewed at the Nääs Gårdsbryggeri brewery in southern Östergötland. Here’s what you can expect from the brews:

  • Heritage Pilsner is a brave and beautiful beer with light tones of bittersweet hops. A tasteful and timeless brew inspired by the band’s 2011 ‘Heritage’ album.
  • Sorceress Session IPA is bitter, strong and full of hops. Yet, its harsh body contains a hint of something sweet. And just like Opeth’s twelfth full-length 2016 album it’s an adventure where different notes and shifting tones create an orchestra with well-balanced flavours.
  • Garden of The Titans Red Ale is a unique red brew filled with American hops to commemorate Opeth’s ‘Garden of the Titans’ live album, set for worldwide release this November 2nd through Moderbolaget / Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Garden of the Titans was recorded on May 11th last year at the world famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver, Colorado which provided the perfect inspiration for this tasteful American red ale.

The beers will be released into the world November 10 at the Zum Franziskaner beerhalle in Stockholm. The whole band is gonna be there, too, so don’t miss it if partying with Opeth while drinking Opeth beer sounds like a wet dream come true.

[via Metal Injection]

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