Shit That Comes Out Today: December 7, 2018

  • Phil Boozeman

Seeing as my body is just now starting to feel normal again after three nights of unbelievably heavy drinking at The Decibel Metal & Beer Fest, STCOT will be light this week as I try to round up what functioning brain cells I have left and get my show review done. There’s only one more week of STCOT left this year but in other news, if you guys want to know what I listened to this year after perusing through bands every week, you can check that out here. And since I’m feeling generous, I might just finally do a write-up for Catharsis next week to make up for this week. Guess you’ll have to check back one more time to see. 

Shit That Comes Out Today: December 7, 2018Downpour
Downpour (Caroline)
On a playlist with Shadows Fall, Frozen and Unearth
Listen: “Without The Fear”

Obligatory supergroup coverage here. The lineup includes vocalist Brian Fair (Shadows Fall, Overcast), guitarist Matt Lebreton (Frozen, Cannae), bassist Pete Gelles (Birch Hill Dam, Sorrowseed), and drummer Derek Kerswill (ex-Unearth, Seemless). Downpour are basically just a heavier, groovier version of Shadows Fall so if that sounds like something you might enjoy, give it a spin.

Shit That Comes Out Today: December 7, 2018AFI
The Missing Man EP (Ex Noctem Nacimur)
On a playlist with Rise Against, Anti-Flag and 30 Seconds to Mars
Listen: “Get Dark”

I legitimately thought this band was only allowed to play “Miss Murder.”  This sounds nothing like that. I know these guys aren’t the first thing that come to mind when thinking of metal but “Miss Murder” went hard back in the day. If you like that song and were expecting something fresh then this one is going to be a swift pass.

Shit That Comes Out Today: December 7, 2018Myrkur
Juniper EP (Relapse)
On a playlist with lots of folky stuff. Does this mean I have to I say Fintroll?
Listen: “Juniper”

Do you love metal but wish it came without all the screaming and heavy distortion pedals? Then listen to this EP by Myrkur! It’s probably the tranciest/dreamiest thing I’ve covered on here and if you’re looking to be swept away to a different world by just vocal power alone, this will be for you. Otherwise, no. This round isn’t heavy.

Shit That Comes Out Today: December 7, 2018Carnifex
[UPDATE: We know so much more about this now! Go here for details!!!]

Probably a new single. We don’t know yet.
On a playlist with we don’t know BECAUSE I CAN’T LISTEN TO IT YET, CARNIFEX
Listen: lol

It would be radical if bands could release their new singles on Thursday so I’d have time to cover them properly. Pretty selfish of them to do things like this if you ask me. But I digress, I actually like Carnifex quite a bit even if Axl and Vince shit on them. Their last album Slow Death was great, so I’d imagine Carnifex will be emulating elements from it on what I imagine will be a new album dropping sometime next year. However, Carnifex, you really need to stop trying to force the death metal label on yourselves. You’re a deathcore band. I know it, you know it, we all know it. Knock it off. Anyway, their Facebook post said they’d be dropping something today so here’s a link to their Facebook since I know you’re all lazy.

Shit That Comes Out Today: December 7, 2018Slipknot
All Hope Is Gone (10th Anniversary) (Vinyl) (Roadrunner)
On a playlist with Slipknot. Every single one of you knows what Slipknot sound like.
Listen: “All Hope Is Gone”

AHIG is easily the worst Slipknot album. After waiting so many years for it after Vol. 3, it felt like Corey Taylor had spent too much time doing Stone Sour and that their sound was finding its way into Slipknot’s. This was the album that made me start turning to heavier music more regularly. Unfortunately for me, I was in high school during the peak popularity of deathcore so many of the bands I ended up listening to after Slipknot, I would consider questionable at best. Born of Osiris? Check. Bring Me The Horizon? Check. Knights of the Abyss and Here Comes The Kraken? Check and check. AHIG still had a few good tracks on it, namely the title track, but other than that, I didn’t much care for this record much. Sorry, Corey, I still love you.

Dropdead Arms Race (Armageddon) listen
Faceless Burial Multiversal Abattoir (Blood Harvest Records/Helter Skelter Productions) listen
Fleshreaper Blue Skies Laced With Pesticide (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions) listen
Goathammer Ceremony Of Morbid Destruction (Hells Headbangers) listen
Gotthard Defrosted 2 (Nuclear Blast) listen
Graf Orlock Examination Of Violent Cinema, Volume 1 (Vitriol Records) listen
Great Grief Love, Lust And Greed (No Sleep Records) listen
Haken L+1VE (InsideOut Music) listen
Revenge Deceiver.Diseased.Miasmic listen
Steelheart Rock’n Milan (Frontiers Music Srl) listen

Animals As Leaders Animals As Leaders (Splatter Vinyl) (Prosthetic Records) listen
Animals As Leaders Weightless (Splatter Vinyl) (Prosthetic Records) listen
Arch Enemy Reason To Believe (7″) (Century Media) listen
Cynic Humanoid (7″) listen
Devin Townsend Eras Vol. 3 (Vinyl) (InsideOut Music) listen
Dog Fashion Disco Anarchists Of Good Taste (Re-Recorded) (Razor To Wrist) listen
Mayhem A Season In Blasphemy (Vinyl Box Set) look
Mayhem Grand Declaration Of War (Re-mixed/Remastered) listen
Metal Church Damned If You Do (Nuclear Blast Records/Rat Pak Records) listen
Nightwish End Of An Era (Re-Release) (Nuclear Blast) listen
Trivium Ascendancy (Vinyl) (Roadrunner) listen
Trivium In Waves (Vinyl) (Roadrunner) listen
Trivium Shogun (Vinyl) (Roadrunner) listen
Trivium The Crusade (Vinyl) (Roadrunner) listen

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