Dredg are Planning a New Album and Tour in 2019!!


I try not to get too caught up in “Band X is planning to release a new album” posts way before they actually do so because there’d just be too damn many of them. Unless it’s, like, ya know, Slipknot. Or System of a Down. Or Tool. Etc.

But, you guys: Dredg just posted the following on Facebook, and THIS IS HUGE NEWS:


“Things to come in 2019 …

“1. dredg box set / scrap book release
2. dredg yard sale
3. dredg records / releases a new record
4. dredg tours all of your favorite cities

“Until then, we released some new merchandise –https://dredg.merchnow.com

The above is noteworthy for the following reasons: 1) Dredg have not released new music since 2011. 2) They have not toured since 2014. 3) DREDG! This fucking band, man. Normally I wouldn’t include a merch link in a quoted post as above, but it’s Dredg and they deserve all of your/my money.

One question: what on earth is the promised yard sale all about? An actual yard sale at which the band collectively (or as some combination of members) sells off gear and personal belongings? How cool would that be? “Hey, check it out, Gavin Hayes is selling a cast iron skillet and I’ll think of ‘Bug Eyes’ every time I make hash browns from now until forever!”

Stay tuned. Here’s a couple Dredg classics to get you amped.

[via The PRP]

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