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Devil Master’s “Desperate Shadow:” Just What Every Metal Fan Needs


It’s hard to believe given the amount of buzz surrounding Philadelphia’s Devil Master over the past couple of years, but the band’s forthcoming album will be their first full-length. I can’t recall whether I checked out the compilation they appeared on last year or the EP they put out the year before, but I feel like a fool for not paying closer attention: I am now fully on board.

On their new song, “Desperate Shadow,” Devil Master get at once creepy, aggressive, rocky and frosty. The six-piece meld traditional heavy metal with black metal, adding a rock n’ roll sensibility that’s not unlike the path Tribulation have forged over their past couple of albums… except a bit more aggressive and slightly less glam rock-oriented (think: more Celtic Frost, less Ratt). It’s hard for me to imagine fans of pretty much any sub-genre of metal not digging this. Except deathcore… I definitely don’t see Winds of Plague fans two-stepping in the pit to this.

Satan Spits on Children of Light comes out March 1st on Relapse; pre-order here.

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