Wristmeetrazor Channel Vintage Metalcore Energy on Misery Never Forgets


Wristmeetrazor Channel Vintage Metalcore Energy on Misery Never ForgetsWait long enough and what is old becomes new again. So it always goes, right?

World, meet Wristmeetrazor, whose press copy touts their music as “emo-violent” but I’d call plain old-fashioned metalcore, emphasis on the “old-fashioned” part, way back before “metalcore” became a dirty word that implies good cop / bad cop vocals, autotune and crab-crouches.

Fans of old Converge, Cave In, Botch, Eighteen Visions and Bleeding Through should be all over this stuff, with its hardcore-inspired vocal delivery, dissonant guitar riffs, stop-start rhythms and explosive, angsty, youthful energy. Crazy as it is, those bands’ first records are now two fucking decades old! It’s time for a revival. Up-starts Vein seem to be tapping into that current, and Wristmeetrazor are doing the same, staying even truer to their inspiration. Even my old, jaded ass feels energized!

Check out “Insecurity Checkpoint” and “Expiry Date: 12 Hours” below. Misery Never Forgets comes out on January 18th via Prosthetic Records and can be pre-ordered here.

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