Bring Me the Horizon Suffer Massive First Week Sales Dip with New Album Amo

  • Axl Rosenberg

In the past coupla months, there have been a lot of people on the Internet bitching and moaning about the singles released in support of Bring Me the Horizon’s new album, Amo. What pissed these people off so badly? The same thing that always pisses metal fans off: they thought the band’s music had gotten too poppy, with at least one person even going so far as to re-record the song “Medicine” to make it heavier (in these fans’ defense, the Amo material is, indeed, extremely poppy).

And while the web can often be dominated by a very, very loud minority, in this case, the negative hype was absolutely real: Amo sold 16,000 copies in its first week of release to land at No. 14 on the Billboard Top 200 chart, which is impressive, especially by metal standards… until you realize it’s a massive 75% plunge from the 62,000 copies their last album, 2015’s That the Spirit, sold during the same time frame.

Pretty much every band’s new album sells fewer copies than their last one did these days (with rare exceptions), because the overall trend for the industry has been a dip in sales… but still, 75% ain’t no ‘dip.’ It’s hard to interpret this as anything other than a staggering rejection of the band’s new sound. I’m not even making a creative judgment here (I actually liked at least one of the songs on Amo); by all means, BMTH and all other artists should, like, totally follow their star, or whatever.

I’m just saying the fan base doesn’t seem to be along for the ride.

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