Korn Suing Former Drummer David Silveria

  • Axl Rosenberg

If you were hoping Korn might reunite with drummer and Calvin Klein model David Silveria sometime soon, well… don’t.

Silveria has been not been shy about making his feelings regarding his former bandmates known. He’s referred to the music they’ve made without him as “shit,” called bassist Fieldy Arvizu a “cowardly little bitch” and a “self righteous idiot,” and asserted that the late wife of frontman Jonathan Davis stored the vocalist’s testicles in a container. More importantly (at least in the Big Boy World), Silveria also sued the band in 2015 over unpaid earnings from after he left the group, claiming he never gave up his ownership stake in the Korn brand.

Now The Blast reports that the shoe is on the other foot the husk is on the other kernel the band is suing Silveria. Ostensibly, Korn’s remaining founding members — Davis, Fieldy, and guitarists James “Munky” Shaffer and Brian “Head” Welch — claim that they settled Silveria’s initial suit out of court in 2016* with one lump sum payment to the drummer in exchange for forfeiture of any additional future earnings… but then, this past July, Silveria allegedly contacted the royalty payment company SoundExchange and tried to collect the money he’d legally given up:

“The band says they contacted Silveria to tell him this was in direct violation of the settlement agreement he reached and to withdraw his claim to SoundExchange.

“Silveria has yet to do so, they claim, and SoundExchange has responded by placing a hold on all payouts related to Korn. The band says they’ve lost out on $290,000 in payments so far.

“They are suing for breach of contract and seeking a ruling barring Silveria from collecting royalties.”

So either Korn or lying or Silveria is a total dummy who somehow thought he could get away with taking money he’s previously forfeited. But it’s not exactly an edge-of-your-seat nail-biter of a case: whatever happens next, assume all five of these guys will remain rich.

*Which is exactly what I predicted would happen. Just sayin’.

[via Metal Injection]

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