Maynard on New Tool Album Coming in April: “No”


With just one word, Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan will — once again — whip the online metalsphere into a furor. It’s as if he’s the Trump of metal. Or, rather, the anti-Trump. The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! He masterfully wields Twitter like the potent weapon it is.

So: after Danny Carey told an interviewer a couple weeks back that Tool’s new album would be out in “mid-April,” Keenan shot down his drummer’s declaration in one fell swoop when responding to a fan on Twitter yesterday:

Perhaps Danny Carey meant mid-April 2020?

Whatevs. It’ll be out when it’s out. Believe it when new music is entering your ear canals. Until then, no need to panic and speculate (except if you’re a metal news website, in which case there is, because $$$$$$$$)


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