Periphery Release Heavy New Song “Blood Eagle”


Finally: after months of teasing, Periphery have released the debut single from their forthcoming full-length album, Periphery IV: Misha’s Bar Mitzvah.

As is tradition, Periphery have come out of the gates with a slammer. “Blood Eagle” starts with a downtuned, hyper-chuggy riff and deep groove that’ll undoubtedly get moshpits in a flurry in an instant when the band plays the song live. Save for a classically Peripherian middle-section that dials down the tension with clean atmospheric guitars, the pace doesn’t relent throughout; vocalist Spencer Sotelo sticks to screamed vocals for most of the song, which should delight those of you naysayers who love complaining about his cleans. Bandleader Misha Mansoor takes the guitar solo in this one, and damn, it’s a scorcher!

This song is cool and all, but I actually like Periphery best when they’re at their poppiest. To that end, there’s a song on this record called “It’s Only Smiles” that’s gonna knock all y’all’s socks off as it did mine… whew, get ready.

Periphery IV: Matt Halpern’s V-Neck comes out April 5th via the band’s own 3 Dot Recordings; pre-order here.

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