Meet Tronos, the New Band Featuring Members of Megadeth and Napalm Death

  • Axl Rosenberg

It’s Monday, and you know what that means: Shane Embury has started a new band!

Presumably discontent with the amount of free time afforded him by being a member of Napalm Death, Lock Up, Brujeria, Venomous Concept, Born to Murder the World, Bent Sea, and a few dozen other projects, Mr. Embury has now teamed up with super-drummer Dirk Verbeuren  (Megadeth, ex-Soilwork) and Napalm Death producer Russ Russell to launch a new band, Tronos. The respective members’ busy individual schedules, and the fact that their debut album includes a fuckton of guests, means they will probably never tour or anything like that. But whatever! That just means Shane will have time to start five more new bands.

(The band’s name is Spanish for ‘Thrones,’ BTW. Either that, or they’re really into private jets.)

So. About that debut album and those guest musicians: it’s called Celestial Mechanics, and it will include appearances by Mastodon’s Troy Sanders, Faith No More’s Billy Gould, Voivod’s Denis “Snake” Belanger, Nuclear Assault’s Dan Lilker, and The Wonder Stuff’s Erica Nockalls. You’ll note that three of those folks are bassists, which is the instrument for which Embury is generally known, which means he could have recorded those parts himself in addition to his guitar parts, but he chose not to. I think he probably tried to get other people to do it because it would take longer to wrangle all these people. Like I said, this dude is fighting a war on free time.

Check out Tronos’ debut single, “Birth Womb,” below. (That’s a redundant title, eh? Even Embury’s song names are designed to consume additional time!) Celestial Mechanics is out April 12.

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