Corey Taylor Thinks New Slipknot Music is “Evil”


What, just because Clown uttered some mumbo jumbo yesterday about how there’s “a lot of love” in Slipknot’s music you didn’t think the band had gotten all soft, did you? And surely you didn’t think a quote from the band’s resident keg-beater was enough to throw us off our All Corey All the Time party motto, right?

So: Taylor had some words for the Des Moines Register, who interviewed him in advance of the band’s appearance at the Iowa State Fair this summer. And here’s what he said about Slipknot’s upcoming album:

“(It’s) gonna be evil. It’s going to be ridiculous, let’s put it that way.”

Taylor also had this to say about the band’s track “All Out Life,” a stand-alone single released last fall:

“[‘All Out Life’ isn’t] nearly as dark and vicious as the rest of the stuff that we have that we’re working on.”

So there ya go. New Slipknot music will be evil, dark and vicious.

Corey also elaborated on the inspiration for his lyrics on the new album, namely an incredibly difficult patch he went through during and after his divorce, during which he remained completely sober:

“All I was doing was giving and I found myself absolutely, completely tapped. You could see it in my skin. You could see it in my eyes. That’s basically the journey I’m going to take people on this album … show them what happens to depression when you have no chemicals to fall back on.”

As for when we’ll get to hear said evilness, darkness and viciousness… sometime this summer is currently the widely held belief. The band will be touring in both Europe and America this summer, too.

[via The PRP]

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