Devin Townsend Debuts New Song “Genesis”


Unusual is where Devin Townsend lives. So while it’s not a normal practice, Canada’s most eccentric musician has released not just the first single from his long-teased new album, Empath… but also an introduction to that single, via a separate video.

The epic seven-and-a-half minute track is called “Genesis,” and it was selected as the first single, Townsend explains in the intro, because it best represents Empath‘s “multitude of different styles,” which he says includes everything from death metal to musical theater. “Genesis,” Townsend says, “is not a real song in the sense of here’s your verse, here’s your chorus, it’s a ton of different parts, it’s maybe six or seven different songs in one, and on the record it acts as a kind of overture.” Townsend also gives some insight into the concept behind the song’s accompanying music video, which is also quite — you guessed it! — unusual.

As you can imagine from all that, “Genesis” offers a lot to digest. Luckily, the video has serious replay value.

Check it out below. Empath comes out March 29, and can be pre-ordered here.

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