Make Sweet Love to Duff McKagan’s “Tenderness”


Put on a suit. A nice suit. Do up your hair. Now go drive around with the window down for an hour. Come back home. You can turn the lights on, but keep ’em dim. Undo your collar and untie your tie, but leave everything on.

Pour yourself a stiff drink. The good stuff. Sit down at the piano.

Think about the world. What a state it is in!

Sigh. Feel weary.

Take another sip of your drink. Let out an Ahhhh. That’s good.

Now. Turn to the piano and sing wearily. And when your woman comes to you from the other room, like a cartoon character carried by the scent of a fresh, hot pie, let her rub your shoulders, pull you from the piano, and take you to the fireplace.

Lay down and make sweet, supple love that could never, ever be described as “fucking.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Duff McKagan’s new song, “Tenderness”:

“Tenderness” will appear on the Guns N’ Roses bassist’s new solo album, which still doesn’t have a name or release date. It was produced by Shooter Jennings. McKagan, backed by Shooter and his band, will play two special performances in May. Dates are below:

May 30 — Philadelphia, PA — TLA
May 31 — Washington, DC — City Winery

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