Devil Master’s Whip is Thirsty


If you didn’t heed Jeff Treppel’s advice last week, for shame: Devil Master’s new album, Satan Spits on Children of Light, is going to #$@&%*! your face off. Honestly the record wasn’t really on my radar before Jeff’s piece, but I’ve been jamming it consistently since and I highly recommend it.

If you still need convincing, or just haven’t had a chance to experience Devil Master’s awesome awesomeness yet, you should check out Satan‘s latest single, “Her Thirsty Whip.” Much like the beasties on the album cover (above, if that somehow wasn’t obvious), this track projectile vomits fire. Jeff noted how the band has audibly been influenced by a mix of proto-black metal and hardcore; I’d add occultist/trad metal to that. Their work is neither as polished nor traditionally foot-tappin’ as Tribulation’s, but it’s not hard to imagine them on the same bill nonetheless.

Check out “Her Thirsty Whip” below. Satan Spits on Children of Light is out THIS FRIDAY!, March 1 on Relapse. There’s still time to pre-order it!!!

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