Limp Bizkit Charging Three Dollars for Admission to L.A. Show, Which Is at Least $103 Too Much

  • Axl Rosenberg

Guys, I actually did see Limp Bizkit live, once, on the 2003 Summer Sanitarium tour, when you had no choice but to suffer through their set (and that of Linkin Park, ugh) if you wanted to see the Deftones and Metallica. The only redeeming thing about the set was that at one point Fred Durst went out into the crowd — this was at Giants Stadium in New Jersey — and people started throwing shit at him. That was the highlight. Literally the only other thing I remember about the performance was that Wes Borland wasn’t in the band at that point, that other guy no one remembers now was.

I mention this because the band has announced an L.A. show at the Troubadour for which tickets are only three dollars — a reference to their debut album, Three Dollar Bill, Y’all, in case that wasn’t readily apparent — which is so much more money than anyone should ever spend to see Limp Bizkit. Limp Bizkit should be paying you to go see them, not the other way around. Like, call me when they’re handing out hundred dollar bills in exchange for sitting through twenty minutes of the fetid offal they wrongfully classify as “music.” Honestly I’m not sure I need a hundred dollars that bad, but I’d be willing to consider it.

The PRP tells me that this is kind of a big deal to Bizkit fans because “this will be their first show with bassist Sam Rivers back onstage in quite some time.” I did not know Sam Rivers was so important to Limp Bizkit fans. I also did not know Limp Bizkit fans could count to three, though. So.

Details are on the thingee below if you plan to buy tickets. The buy link is in the description. But really, consider doing anything else with that money. There are starving people in the world, nobody needs to hear “Rollin’” that badly, or at all.


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