Enlarge Photo by Anthony Barone

Jam Moon Tooth’s New Song, “Omega Days”

Cover art by Paul Motisi

There are bands we cover because public interest necessitates we do so, and there are bands we cover because we’re passionate about their music and whether five people care or five million care, we wanna try and help their music to be heard. Moon Tooth fall squarely into this latter category. Their new album, Crux, will probably not break any sales records, but by god, it will break your reproductive organs with the intensity of the orgasm it induces.

A week from tomorrow — that’d be March 13 — the band heads out on tour with Lamb of God’s Mark Morton (who worked on Crux!) and Light the Torch; then Crux comes out on March 29 via Modern Static Records. I implore you to get to the venue early to make sure you don’t miss ’em. I also implore you to check out “Omega Days,” the new Crux single that just debuted on Metal Injection. Even if, against all conceivable logic, you were not into the song we debuted in January, “Trust,” you should listen to “Omega.” This band contains multitudes. No one song is really indicative of their sound.

Blast “Omega Days” below, then pre-order Crux here. Moon Tooth’s upcoming tour dates with Mark Morton and Light the Torch are here.

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