Devin Townsend Releases Sweet N’ Silly New Song + Video, “Evermore”


When you hear a choir sing “Turn the page on all we are/ Always searching,” you probably think, “Hm, this song is super-duper serious.” On the other hand, when you hear a section change in a song punctuated by a cat’s meow, you probably think, “Hm, this song is kinda silly.”

“Evermore,” the latest single from Mr. Devin Townsend, features both of those things. And its accompanying music video is equally balanced by the philosophical and the funny: it mixes multiple animation styles to tell the story of a kitty astronaut on an epic journey through space. And you hear “kitty astronaut” and, sure, you giggle, but the clip is also all kinds of epic and beautiful.

In other words, “Evermore,” as a song and a video, might be the perfect embodiment of Devy’s work, which generally defies simple categorization. It’s no one style of music. It’s willing to be profound and funny — no, more than that, it recognizes that sometimes, in the face of such overwhelming questions, the only thing one can really do is laugh. It’s beautiful and beatific and kinetic. Am I doing it any justice? Maybe? Probably not? How the fuck can I???

How about you just watch and listen to “Evermore” below? It will appear on Devin’s heavily-anticipated new album, Empath, which comes out March 29. Pre-order it here.

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