Experience the Poppy Tech-Death Magic of Fractal Universe’s New Single “Masterpiece’s Parallelism”


I’m mostly excited that French progressive metallers Fractal Universe have released a new single because it gives me a chance to rave about how fucking great their forthcoming album Rhizomes of Insanity is. Since the band put out the record’s debut single “Oneiric Realization” in February my love for the album has grown and grown to the point where it’s no doubt one of my year-end “best of” contenders, and it’s only March! Yeah, I’m digging it that much .

What makes Fractal Universe’s new jams so delectable? In short, I feel like tech-death bands have been trying to perfect this formula for years and years now — short, accessible songs with no compromises made on the musicianship side — but none have yet to nail it, until now. For that reason “Masterpiece’s Parallelism” isn’t one of my favorite tracks on the record, because it sounds a little too close to Obscura / Beyond Creation to me, whereas the rest of this album forges a much more singular sound unique to Fractal Universe… but the track is still killer, duh, and if it sways a few Archspire fans this direction the battle will have been triumphantly won.

Check out “Masterpiece’s Parallelism” below. Rhizomes of Insanity comes out April 19th via Metal Blade; pre-order here.

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