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Hear Darkthrone’s Latest Black N’ Roll Slapper “The Hardship of the Scots”


The following typically cheeky statement from Norwegian postal workerKolbotn town councilman and general metal ambassador Fenriz accompanies the YouTube stream of “The Hardship of the Scots,” the latest single from his long-running black-metal-turned-trad-metal/rock n’ roll outfit Darkthrone:

“HI ALL OF YOU! As you may know we have a new album coming out (I am not on social media at all anymore so I don’t know what you’ve seen or heard so far) and Ted said that this time our fans will hear a new song first. So guys here it is – our new track, “The Hardship Of The Scots” and since Ted and me always write our own songs, one song could not fully represent Old Star, but let’s start with this one. Normally the journalists and other scenesters get to check out new albums 2-3-4 months before fans get to hear it, but not this time .. you are first!


Always gotta love Fenriz for his candor and light-hearted tone despite his blackened heart. You also gotta love this song, which the band’s publicist tells us will be the only advance single released from Old Star. Fenriz is now referring to Darkthrone’s current sound “black old heavy metal,” and ain’t that as accurate as it comes? The seven-plus minute track is grounded with chunky, NWOBHM-inspired riffs over a mid-paced groove, vacillating throughout the song between that distinctly old school vibe and the dark melancholia of black metal’s second wave. Just when you think Nocturno Culto’s throaty rasps are going to dominate the vibe, along comes a high-flying, Maiden-esque guitar lead to pull you back in, and vice versa. It’s the perfect synthesis of latter day Darkthrone.

Old Star comes out on May 31st via Peaceville; pre-order here.

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