You’ll Never Believe What Thy Art is Murder Did on Their New Song “Human Target” **CLICK TO FIND OUT**


Once upon a time Thy Art is Murder guitarist Andy Marsh hosted a video right here on MetalSucks in which he roasted co-Editors in Chief Axl Rosenberg and Vince Neilstein for all the shit we’ve dished out about his band over the years. That was a swell occasion! Gotta be able to take it if we’re gonna give it, right?

Welp, Thy Fart is Turder are back with a new single, “Human Target,” and the jokes just write themselves, people, I’ll be here all day. That said, the track doesn’t elicit much from me. I’ve just listened to it three times through and I can’t remember anything about it outside of the guitar solo, which is tasty enough but should’ve been twice as long. Oh well. I’ll say this, though, the track SOUNDS phenomenal, thanks to the always superb production and mixing of Will Putney.

New album Human Fartbutt comes out this summer. POTTY JOKES FOR THE WIN! I’d blame my four year old son, but I’m not gonna lie, I still find this stuff funny (and so do you, don’t lie).

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