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Randy Blythe and Dez Fafara Make Surfing Clothes Now


When you think about Lamb of God, Coal Chamber, and DevilDriver, you think of one thing: surfing. I mean, if you were making a list of bands that could be called “The Beach Boys of Heavy Metal,” those bands would definitely need to be in contention. Right?

Alright, so, obviously, I’m kidding. Still, I betcha didn’t guess when you woke up this morning that at some point today you’d be reading about Randy Blythe joining forces with Dez and Anahstasia Fafara teaming up to launch* a “surf apparel and lifestyle brand.” But that’s exactly what they’re doing!

The brand is called Suncult, and in addition to surfboards and surfboard wax and baseball caps you can use to try and prevent skin cancer in-between rounds of surfing, they offer metal-friendly surfer shirts that parody the Black Flag logo, say things like “Listen to Metal & Surf” (which is confusing — it should probably have said “Surf & Listen to Metal” so as not to imply that “metal & surf” is a musical genre unto itself), and poke fun at the fact that us extreme music fans are supposed to hate daylight.

Unfortunately, they do not appear to make branded flip-flops at this time. Bummer.

You can find out more about the company, and buy some shit, at this link.

*It’s technically a relaunch — the Fafaras apparently launched Suncult on their own some time ago. But since no one important (i.e., me) seems to have been aware of this before, it doesn’t really count.

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