The Top 8 Romantic Metal Songs to Make Love To


Everyone who hasn’t had a chance to meet metalheads wrongfully assumes that all we listen to is aggressive, dark, and ominous music. When people don’t understand something it’s easy to stereotype, and when it comes to metal, most people don’t know that it’s about more than just power chords and guitar riffs. As we all know, though, metal can be lovey-dovey and intimate too – and the list before you is here to prove it!

“Slow, Love, Slow” – Nightwish

It’s 2am, and you’re in a smoky jazz bar where you’re eyeing a beautiful woman or man who’s sitting at a table alone. Well, at least that’s what you imagine when you’re listening to “Slow, Love, Slow.” Inspired by the 1930s American nightclub music, this song is sexy, smooth, and mysterious.

“Love You to Death”Type O Negative

If you’re a metal fan, then you’re probably already nodding your head in agreement. If you want to have Type O Negative guide your sexual experience, well, you know this song is going to do the trick. Honor your partner in the bedroom with “Love you to Death.”

“With Her I Die” – Poisonblack

Lovemaking is all about sensuality and connection in the bedroom, and this song is bound to take you there! The guitar riffs are soft, allowing the keyboard to shine through. “With Her I Die” is the ideal foreplay song to get in the mood.

“Close My Eyes Forever” – Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford

If you don’t have a little Ozzy playing in your bedroom are you even making love? “Close My Eyes Forever” is a ballad about a woman’s betrayal and her asking forgiveness from her lover. Though this song was accidentally written during a jam session, it remains one of the biggest hits of Ozzy’s solo career.

“Hold on to My Heart” – W.A.S.P

If you’re the strong and silent type, put this song on. The lyrics are like diving into the deep end of a swimming pool. “Hold on to My Heart” is about finding someone to take away the pain and the fear of living without love. The guitar riffs are gentle and smooth, caressing you until the very end. Just a warning, you may shed a tear or two by the time it ends!

“Change (In the House of Flies)” – Deftones

There aren’t too many songs that send chills through your body, but “Change” by the Deftones is hauntingly atmospheric and breathtaking and gets you there. Though it’s a little darker than some of the ballads on this list, but it’s a song you need to listen to when you’re vulnerable and intimate with your partner.

“Drown Together”Sentenced

When we think of romantic songs we usually assume they’re slow-paced, but not when it comes to metal. Romance doesn’t come in a cookie-cutter formula, and such is the beauty of metal music. “Drown Together” is full of powerful guitar riffs, and the sensual raspy sound of lead vocalist Ville Laihiala. For those ultra-passionate moments, put this song on.

“Love Bites”Def Leppard

If you’re looking for a power ballad, Love Bites is one of Def Leppard’s best songs. It’s about running away from new love after experiencing the pain of a love lost. It’s dramatic and perfectly encapsulates that even though love and sex are beautiful, the end is painful. We don’t recommend you watch the music video while making love; the ’80s mullets are really distracting!

Not a bad list, right? Put some of these romantic metal songs on just before you’re about to make love. With a soundtrack like this, your partner will melt in your arms.

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