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A Look at the Canadian Metal Scene


Canada has introduced the world to many things, including maple syrup, manners, the Canadian Lynx and even the father of basketball, James Naismith. However, it rarely gets the mentions it truly deserves for its contribution to the metal scene.

One reason that many people believe Canada has not had its due recognition is because of their neighbors. The USA has been given lots of pats on the back for its fantastic metal, placing Canada in its shadow. It’s time to end that and shine a light on Canada’s fantastic metal musicians! So, grab a donut, sit back – and read on!

Canada’s Rising Metal Bands

To prove just how popular and great some of Canada’s current crop of metal musicians are, here are some of the best. Learn their names and check them out if you haven’t already:

  • Exciter
  • Beneath the Massacre
  • Cancer Bats
  • Gorguts
  • Despised Icon
  • Beyond Creation
  • Devin Townsend
  • Cryptopsy
  • Völur

These bands provide an exceptional mix of varieties of metal music. From the punk swagger of Cancer Bats to the savage sounds of Gorguts, every metal music fan will find what they are looking for in this collection of contemporary Canadian metal bands.

The Growing Love for Metal in Canada

The golden age of Canada’s metal music started in the 1980s with a band you are probably familiar with. Anvil shot to fame and are rumored to have had a huge influence on other household names such as Metallica and Slayer. They made a comeback after the turn of the century due to a behind-the-scenes documentary. The documentary proved to be successful as Anvil then toured with the likes of Saxon and AC/DC.

Since then, the metal music scene in Canada has maintained its appeal and stayed incredibly strong. Other renowned metal bands have followed in their successful footsteps such as Cryptopsy, Into Eternity and progressive metal groups like Protest the Hero. The signs are that metal music is interwoven in the DNA of Canadians and that’s unlikely to change. If you’re on the hunt for a new metal band then look over to the land of maple syrup!

When Two Industries Collide

Evidence of the extent to which the metal industry is in fantastic shape is that it has an established and long relationship with Canada’s online gambling industry. Heavy metal music has served to inspire many games, with leading companies like Microgaming producing several well known titles like Heavy Metal slot game. This and many more titles can be experienced at well known sites like Royal Vegas Casino CA, who have years of experience in this business. Furthermore, this relationship should grow even stronger as the Canadian gambling industry is expected to benefit from new Ontario rulings that will open up the market to private companies.

This was your crash course on the Canadian metal music industry and some of its bands. If you haven’t heard of the bands mentioned above then check them out, and if you like a flutter, check out the awesome metal slot machines too!

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