Enlarge Kim Kelly is leading a funding drive for abortion care in Alabama, resulting in over $4,000 in donations so far.

Metalheads Organize to Raise Money for Abortion Care in Alabama


These are scary times for American women — all Americans, really — as the right to choose is being taken away in a number of states, most recently Alabama. The anti-abortion legislation in Alabama hasn’t yet taken effect despite being signed into law, with numerous legal challenges levied against it. We’ll just need to wait and hope that the legal system comes out on the correct side of history while the rest of the world looks on and wonders why we’re literally rolling back decades of achievements in civil rights.

Meanwhile, folks are taking matters into their own hands by rallying behind causes that provide funds for abortion access, and one such organizer is someone very near and dear to our hearts, former MS contributor and acclaimed international journalist Kim Kelly.

On Wednesday afternoon, Kim posted on Twitter that for everyone who clicks her link and donates to the Yellowhammer Fund, an Alabama organization that promotes abortion access, Kim will personally recommend a metal album that she thinks they’ll like:

Over the course of two days and hundreds of donations, more than $4,000 has been raised for Yellowhammer through Kim’s link. Kim tells MetalSucks that it’s taken a lot of time to make personalized metal recommendations — which she has painstakingly done for everyone who’s donated, as you can see on the Twitter thread! — but it’s worth every minute, she’s been enjoying the process, and she’s heartened to see the metal community come together to support something so important. As are we.

So: let’s keep it going! What do you say, people? Donate here. Whatever you can afford to give. For more information on how exactly the donations will be used, you can read this article at Slate.

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