Corey Taylor on New Slipknot: “It’s Some of the Darkest Writing I’ve Done in Years.”


“Evil.” “Dark and vicious.” These are but a few of the ways Corey Taylor, The Most Important Person in the World™, has described Slipknot’s new album, We Are Not Your Kind.

Taylor added a new superlative phrase in a recent interview with Kerrang!, which the site has been doling out in portions over the course of several days: “It’s some of the darkest writing I’ve done in years.” Sounds about right.

Here’s the full quote:

“It’s very dark. It’s some of the darkest writing I’ve done in years. In the Slipknot index, this album would sit somewhere between Iowa and Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses). Lyrically, it has the force of Iowa, but musically it has the heaviness but the experimentation as well. It was very important for us to go somewhere crazy and make something insane.”

Sounds interesting… I liked Vol. 3 a whole lot!

On weather Corey would need to revisit the dark thoughts that inspired the lyrics — which he’s said are at least in part about his divorce — when he performs these songs live, he said:

“I was able to let that pain go. It means that I can kind of enjoy everything for what it is now. It’s night and day from where I was two and a half years ago, so now I can listen to the music and go, ‘Jesus Christ!’ But, at the same time, it helps to know where I was. It’s one thing to record something heavy; it’s another to forget what inspired it. And, for me, that will never go away. My memory is long. I can tap into that, but that’s it.”

Check out the lyrics to the band’s new single “Unsainted” and see what you think: there’s some darkness there, but I have a feeling it’s just scratching the surface of what the album has in store.

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