Enlarge The real Ronnie! Photo via Wikipedia Commons

Here’s Another Preview of the Insufferable Ronnie James Dio Hologram


With all due respect to the fellas in the band, or anyone who is fond of the hologram the Dio estate is currently trotting out on tour… I’m sorry, it just ain’t for me. Not only does it seem wrong to be cashing in on Ronnie James Dio’s likeness without his permission (“he would be proud” my ass — you don’t know that!), it straight up gives me the creeps to look at!

Take a gander at the latest video trailer of the new and improved Dio hologram — updated from last year’s model (ugh, just typing that phrase feels gross) — that’ll be making the rounds on tour this summer. It gives me the creeps. It should give you the creeps too. It’s that whole uncanny valley thing. Bleeeeeeccccch.

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