Shit That Comes Out Today: June 7th, 2019


We got a long list today, folks. Proceed with caution.

Shit That Comes Out Today: June 7th, 2019Fuming Mouth
The Grand Descent (Triple-B)
FFO Trap Them, Gatecreeper, Mammoth Grinder
Listen “Burning Hand”

If, like me, your first thought was “hey, that kinda looks like the art from Mirror Reaper!”, then yeah, it’s the same guy (Mariusz Lewandowski). The massive wraith-of-destruction lookin’ mother fucker on the cover gives us an idea of what’s to be heard on the debut full-length from Fuming Mouth — a colossal, looming menace that rattles your bones with equal parts death, crust, sludge, and hardcore. This band is sure to find a spot amongst other riff-heavy, old-school-meets-new bands like Gatecreeper, so if that stuff’s your jam, you’ll definitely want to make some room for Fuming Mouth on your poolside playlist.

Shit That Comes Out Today: June 7th, 2019Cave In
Final Transmission (Hydra Head)
Listen “All Illusion”

Hey, who’s cutting onions in here? By far the most powerful record on this list, Final Transmission is an intensely moving tribute to the late Cave In bassist Caleb Scofield, who was killed in a traffic accident last year. The album title could imply that this is Cave In’s final release, but it’s more likely that the “final transmissions” are a reference to the recordings of Scofield found throughout. These include snippets of voice memos, journal entries, and remastered demo sessions of new material (some of which were recorded only days before his passing.) The final product is incredibly raw and vulnerable: an outpouring of love and grief, an acceptance and reclamation of the emotions brought on by tragedy.

Shit That Comes Out Today: June 7th, 2019Pelican
Nighttime Stories (Southern Lord)
Listen “Midnight and Mescaline”

It’s been a long waiting game since Pelican’s last release in 2013, but we all know what it’s like to be tied up in life stuff without much room for creativity, and we’re all patient adults here. Six years later, and these guys never sounded so goddamn heavy. Tight, concise, and nuanced, the group maintain the stripped-down songwriting approach utilized on their more recent albums, and it’s clear that, even twenty years into their career, they’re still evolving as a band. However, a melancholic haze floats over Nighttime Stories. In 2014, Tusk vocalist Jody Minnoch passed away and left her mark on the hearts of Pelican, which shares two members with Tusk. “In fact, the album title was originally supposed to be a Tusk album title, and several song titles also come from Minnoch’s notes,” according to Angry Metal Guy. Like Cave In above, Pelican have channeled this energy into pure artistic expression, and it just happened to lend to their most crushing release to date.

Shit That Comes Out Today: June 7th, 2019Møl
I/II (Holy Roar)
FFO Deafheaven, Numenorean
Listen “Kathexis”

Yay, new stuff from Møl! Well, it’s not really new, but this re-release of the black-gaze innovators’ first two EPs should be enough to get us by ‘till they have an actual new record ready. After slipping into the public eye and topping many year-end lists in 2018 with Jord, the band felt this was an appropriate time to revisit their roots. and II have been polished up just enough to bring a vibrant sparkle to the mix, but the recordings still retain the raw energy that brought Møl to where they are today. A new record hasn’t been announced yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one is on the horizon ;)


Fetid Steeping Corporeal Mess (20 Buck Spin) listen
Heart Of A Coward The Disconnect (Arising Empire) listen
Flub Flub  (The Artisan Era) listen
Ov Lustra Tempestas (Black Lion) listen
Firespawn Abominate (Century Media) listen
COFFINS / SECOND TO NONE Nine Cocoons Of Dens To F “Split” LP (Horror Pain Gore Death) listen
As Cities Burn Scream Through the Walls (Equal Vision) listen
Comradesor We Are F Not Yet, We Are Only Becoming (Facedown) listen
Barbarian To No God Shall I Kneel (Hells Headbangers) listen
Vault Dweller Existence At A Distance (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
Violent Life Violent Death Sadness Rains (Innerstrength) listen
Faerie Ring The Clearing (King Volume) listen
XENTRIX Bury the pain (Listenable) listen
Nevalra Conjure The Storm (M-Theory) listen
Motanka Motanka (Napalm) listen
Combichrist One Fire (Out Of Line) listen
Dinosaur Pile-Up Celebrity Mansions (Parlophone/Roadrunner) listen
Consummation The Great Solar Hunter (Profound Lore) listen
All Hell The Witch’s Grail (Prosthetic) listen
Gravefields Embrace the Void (Redefining Darkness) listen
Roadsaw Tinnitus the Night (Ripple) listen
Motionless In White Disguise (Roadrunner Records) listen
Enthroned Cold Black Suns (Season of Mist) listen
Upon A Burning Body Southern Hostility (Seek and Strike) listen
Depressor Hell Storms Over Earth (Sentient Ruin) listen
Axel Rudi Pell XXX Anniversary Live (SPV/Steamhammer) listen
The Rods Brotherhood Of Metal (SPV/Steamhammer) listen
CHON CHON (Sumerian) listen
Diviner Realms Of Time (Ulterium) listen
Jesse Hughes (Eagles Of Death Metal) Presents: Boots Electric Performing The Best Songs We Never Wrote (UMe) listen
Distant Tyrannotophia (Unique Leader) listen


Krallice The Wastes of Time (Gilead) listen

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