Metallica’s Kirk Hammett Shares the Cover Song He Most Enjoys Performing


Earlier this week we learned the Metallica guitar solo of which Kirk Hammett is the most proud… and today, thanks once again to Kerrang!, we’ve been blessed with the knowledge of which cover song is Hammett’s favorite to perform. Metallica, of course, have a couple albums worth of covers under their belts and make a habit of regularly sprinkling them into their live sets.

“Well, [Misfits’] ‘Last Caress’ is just one of those songs, man. It’s just so quick and to the point. I love a lot of the covers we do.

“One thing that I would like to do live one of these days is the Dio/Rainbow medley. I think that’d be fucking incredible to do that live sometime because I’m a big Dio fan, I’m a big Rainbow fan.”

It’s not surprising to hear Hammett name-check the Misfits given how inextricably linked the two bands’ histories are. Now we also know why Metallica’s live covers of choice are so often Misfits tunes!

The Dio/Rainbow medley to which Kirk is referring is “Ronnie Rising,” Metallica’s medley of four Dio-era Rainbow songs released on the 2014 Ronnie James Dio charity tribute record, This Is Your Life. I agree with Kirk: it would most certainly be dope to hear and see that performed live! Certainly better than the unsettling Ronnie James Dio hologram that’s currently touring the world.

[via Ultimate Guitar]

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